MartinLogan Motion 40 Tower Speakers Gloss Black (Pair)

Part of the secret to the Motion 40's outstanding performance lies in the dual oversized black-aluminum cone woofers paired with a rear-firing bass port. The oversized woofer design creates increased cone area delivering higher output and audibly richer, deeper bass performance than it's slightly smaller sibling, the Motion 20. The addition of a dedicated mid-woofer ...

ELAC – Debut F5 Tower Speakers (Each)

With its custom drivers and floor standing design, the Debut F5 is a great choice for a serious two- channel rig or as the nucleus of a multi-channel setup. Add a Debut powered subwoofer and you have a serious, full-range system that delivers sound that's in the bigSale Price:$279.99Read More[amazon-product-reviews]

Pinacle 4-Element Black 39″ Full-Range Floorstanding Tower Speaker BD 2500

Pinnacle's flagship model the BD 2500 PIANO LACQUER. This product is the full package; combining astounding audiophile performance for both music and high-action movies, along with stunning piano lacquer cabinetry to enhance any décor. Features: - Front Vented, Curved Sidewall Cabinetry for Maximum Bass and Minimum Resonance. - Beautiful multi-layer piano lacquer finish, a process ...

ELAC – Debut F6 Tower Speaker (Each)

The Debut F6 loudspeaker combines the advanced drivers of the B6 bookshelf in a floorstanding 3-way, bass-reflex design that takes Debut performance to the limit. With sound that rivals speakers costing many times more, the F6 shows that quality components and superior engineering are a winning combination everySale Price:$379.00Read More[amazon-product-reviews]

VM Audio Floorstanding Home Bluetooth Tower Speakers, Black (Pair) | SRAT10-BK

VM Audio Shaker SRAT10_BK Black Bluetooth Tower Speakers ---------------------------------------- ELEMENTS & TECHNOLOGIES - 1-2-3 Setup Rapidly setup and enjoy your movies, music or even perform your favorite hits without the need of installing or connecting complicated audio equipment. Don't lose a beat trying to connect audio cables or organizing cable clutter. Just plug-in the power ...