Pinacle 4-Element Black 39″ Full-Range Floorstanding Tower Speaker BD 2500

Pinnacle’s flagship model the BD 2500 PIANO LACQUER. This product is the full package; combining astounding audiophile performance for both music and high-action movies, along with stunning piano lacquer cabinetry to enhance any décor. Features: – Front Vented, Curved Sidewall Cabinetry for Maximum Bass and Minimum Resonance. – Beautiful multi-layer piano lacquer finish, a process that takes 1 full week to produce. – Dedicated Mid-range Driver for Superior Clarity and Detail. – Die Cast Metal Woofer Baskets for Improved Bass Definition. – Die Cast Phase Plug for Improved Crossover Function. – Solid Brass Isolation Cones for optimal bass response. – Butyl Rubber Surrounds Provide Excellent Cone Control and Exceptional Durability. – Metal

Sale Price:$250.00

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