Martin Logan ElectroMotion FX Surround Speakers, Pair (Black)

Features and Specs Enclosure Bass Reflex Bipole or Dipole Bipole Tweeter Folded Motion Midrange size (inches) N/A Woofer size (inches) 5-1/4 Connector Type Spring post Power Range 20-160 Sensitivity 91 dB Impedance (Ohms) 4 Frequency Response 74-25k Hz Height (inches) 12 1/16 Width (inches) 11 5/16 Depth (inches) 7 13/16 Weight (pounds) --- Mounting Bracket ...

The Best Soundbars of 2017

You need a separate sound system if you want loud, high-quality audio for your home theater that isn't thin or tinny. That's what soundbars are for. Soundbars are long, usually relatively thin (but still thicker than your HDTV) speakers that incorporate ... ( read original story ...)

MartinLogan SW2TD Wireless Transmitter

Although correct room placement plays a key role in optimizing subwoofer performance, it can impose the inconvenience of running long lengths of cable through walls, along baseboards or under floors and carpets. The SWT-2 Subwoofer Wireless Transmitter solves the problem and allows you to place your subwoofer in the exact location where it will deliver ...

Polk MagniFi Mini Home Theater Sound Bar System Review

We had the chance to listen to the Polk MagniFi Mini at the CEDIA show in Dallas, Texas last September and were impressed by the volume coming out of a speaker no bigger than a clock radio. But unfortunately a crowded room full of people and other ... ( read original story ...)