Sony Surround System

Sony Surround System. I have owned it for a few years and no longer need it. Don't know much about it. It was a gift. Would be excellent for shed parties etc. Includes two more of the small speakers (not shown) and a DVD player. Make me an offer. ( read original story ...)

Vintage Three way speakers in pretty good shape.

Vintage speakers Fisher (Model STC-826) (Made in Canada) Three way High Fidelity studio standard speaker system in good shape. They are heavy, loud and has pretty good sound. All the six drivers work fine and in good shape. Wood grain finish. Dimensions of ... ( read original story ...)

Will Car Speakers Become a Thing of the Past?

When it comes to infotainment systems, though, there’s one part most of us never really saw leaving: the speakers. No matter what infotainment technology you have, whether it’s touchscreens, voice control, or your basic CD player, you have to have ... ( read original story ...)