Zu Audio Omen Dirty Weekend speakers Review

With the Omen Dirty Weekend loudspeaker from Zu Audio (Ogden, Utah), I rediscovered several things that I had drifted away from in the last few years of assembling a home system. Given that this model from Zu costs less than $1,000, it’s fair to say this ... ( read original story ...)

Review: Linear Tube Audio ZOTL 10 Mk.II Amplifier

Concurrent with my receipt of the amplifier up for review here, Linear Tube Audio’s (LTA) ZOTL 10 Mk.II, came another welcome piece of news: the well-regarded German jazz/classical label ECM had decided to release its entire catalog for streaming via ... ( read original story ...)

Opinions on 19 Speaker Harman Kardon sound system

I gave the same issue with my 2014 Durango Alpine system. The cross over is all screwed up but I've found that if when I'm on a particular input, if I go in and adjust the midrange, then the subwoofer kicks in. I have it set at like -4 normally because of ... ( read ...

The 10 Best Home Audio Systems to Buy in 2018

This massive 7.1-channel 600 Watt soundbar from Nakamichi delivers a powerful home audio experience for those who do not want to commit to the hassle and space of a full receiver system. While it might not rival a true system in terms of power and sound ... ( read original story ...)