Altarage – Endinghent

The sinister guitar tone and riff-building of “Cataclysmic Triada”, the jagged and disconcerting guitar fever dream of “Rift”, the blackened fury of “Orb Terrax”, and the ... potentially falling into an audio black hole. Speaking of which ... ( read original story ...)

Marantz launch high-end SR8012 AV Receiver

Marantz has officially announced its flagship SR8012 AV Receiver for the UK market The SR8012 is Marantz’s first ever 11.2-channel AV receiver and supersedes the 9-channel, SR7012 at the top of the manufacturer’s pecking order. Its symmetrical ... ( read original story ...)

Bose QC35ii review

While the Bose QC35 headphones caused a lot of excitement upon release in 2016, there were a few complaints from consumers. Despite sounding and feeling incredible, the inability to adjust the noise cancellation left some high-end audio fans a little ... ( read original story ...)