Audio Research Introduces the Reference 160M Tube Amp

Audio Research has added a new flagship, tube-based mono-block amplifier to its Reference Series. The 160M can be used in either Ultralinear mode or Tiode mode, and it is rated at 150 watts in Ultralinear mode or 75 watts in Triode mode. The amp features ... ( read original story ...)

Why Do We Love Tube Amps & How Does A Valve Amp Work?

Ever wondered to yourself “how does a valve amp work?”, well we offer up a quick explanation as to how a tube amp works and a little insight into why guitarists love the sound of a cranked tube amp more than anything! Picture this…Jimi Hendrix ... ( read original story ...)

8 Best Cheap Tube Amps – Big Tone Under £500

Although they’re often the most expensive type of amp, not all valve amplifiers cost a fortune. With this in mind, we present the 8 best cheap tube amps that give you that huge tube sound, in a smaller, more affordable package Tube amps, valve amps ... ( read original story ...)

Finale Audio F-7591 Tube Amplifier

Hammond Canada Power Transformer - Over-sized / capable for higher output tubes such as EL34 application Hammond Canada 190 Series Input Choke - Over-sized, and for a noise free background, as well for a higher definition, clearer and more solid and ... ( read original story ...)

McIntosh MC-2102 McIntosh Tube Amplifier

Your looking at an Mc2102 Tube amplifier that has all brand new tubes. I've just upgraded my system and purchased two new 2301's. This unit comes with the box, manual and all new tubes that has less than 5 hours on them. So plenty you won't have to do anyt ... ( read original story ...

Antique Sound Labs AQ1003 El34 tube integrated amplifier

Fantastic 30 watt class a integrated tube amplifier. Earlier late 90's version of current model. Extremely reliable and sounds better than most el34 amps. Beautiful but shows some wear with some "crackling" around the top of the transformer cover. ( read original story ...)

Border Patrol S10 EXD Tube Amplifier

Circumstances are forcing me to temporarily sell off some gear. Since I'm slowly realizing that I'm not really a tube guy, I've decided to sell my Border Patrol amp. Even though I say I'm not a tube guy, I love this amp and will probably buy another at ... ( read original story ...)