Yamaha Yas-706 Musiccast Wireless Multiroom Soundbar Review

Yamaha comes with a new soundbar that has a high number of streaming options. Moreover, this new speaker is very powerful, which makes it more attractive. The only bad thing about this new speaker is its price. Customers will be able to buy the new Yamaha ... ( read original story ...)

Intex IT-SB 160 SUF 2.1 Channel Soundbar Speaker

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Polk Has Released the New Signa S1 Soundbar

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Yamaha YAS-706 MusicCast Wireless Multiroom Sound Bar

The pricey Yamaha YAS-706 soundbar handles both movies and music with a strong mix of power, balance, and connectivity. Yamaha's YAS-706 soundbar comes with an eyebrow-arching $899.99 price tag, but its unassuming design hides a remarkably robust set of ... ( read original story ...)