Southern States generate 50% of India’s renewable energy

Later, at a panel discussion, Orb Energy Pvt Limited Chief Executive Officer said ... cost of lithium batteries and saw potential in storage. Expressing optimism, speakers said that manufacturing in India is seeing an upward trend. With storage prices ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Mac Pro (late 2013)

TOSLINK audio output? It's inside the 3.5mm audio output jack ... I'll have a lot more to write, but this black orb from outer space that's marked "Assembled in the USA" clearly is of exterrestrial origin. While its outer covering looks and feels like ... ( read original story ...)

The Curious Case of Bigfoot’s Balls…

Bigfoot enthusiasts point to multiple sources of proof including hair samples, plaster casts of footprints, firsthand eyewitness accounts and audio recordings of vocalization ... If mere photographs can’t satisfy your orb-curiosity, researchers also ... ( read original story ...)