Volly to Hold #summit11 Conference

Conference attendees will gain insights into the latest consumer research and state of the mortgage industry. Speakers include Doug Duncan of Fannie Mae; Daniel Luna, a former Navy SEAL; and Jim ... ( read original story ...)

Nunroyd Works

Everyone from Burial to Public Service Broadcasting to The Orb to Jeff Mills is recalled by Craven Faults ... Don’t DJ, Pye Corner Audio, Gold Panda, Bill Kouligas, Luke Abbott, Not Waving, Steve ... ( read original story ...)

Timespinner Review

These orbs levitate around Lunais ... In regards to the visual and audio design, Timespinner gets a big thumbs up on both fronts. The game’s gorgeous pixel art is outstanding, providing heaps of ... ( read original story ...)

Mindful Optimism Is a Danger Worth Dancing With

Like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, we conjure from the ether of our past a solitary-but-sharply-outlined idea, and then suddenly, one after another, memories begin to fall upon us, like bright orbs ... ( read original story ...)

Cuboid Keeper is a Shump Win

They get one orb for beating the level on normal and another for bearing ... but it isn’t too much of a problem with some practice. The audio in Cuboid Keeper is also worth checking out. I won’t say ... ( read original story ...)