Used Victoria 518 Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier

Here At The Music Zoo, We Love Options! We want the buying process to be simple and easy. That's why we offer a number of great options to pay for your new guitar, amplifier, effect pedal or accessory! If you have questions, would like to put an item on ... ( read original story ...)

Tube Pilot Overdrive

Tube Pilot Overdrive is full of the organic, touch sensitive saturation of a vintage tube amp being pushed into the danger zone and propels your tone to the stratosphere. Powerful enough to satisfy any guitar ace feeling the need for speed, Tube Pilot's ... ( read original story ...)

TAD TAD 60 Tube Amplifier

Tube Audio Design TAD-60 Amplifier. It is in excellent condition and works as it should. This is one of the earlier units with bias for individual tubes with a volt meter and large transformers. It has a stainless steel chassis and can use EL34, 6550 ... ( read original story ...)