Melody AN845 Integrated Tube Amp

Excellent, near mint condition Melody AN845 Integrated Tube Amp. Description from manufacturer's website ( Refined design for this model belonging to Pearly series. In this amplifier you can see the ... ( read original story ...)

VTL IT-85 Integrated Tube Amplifier

This is a great integrated amplifier. Designed for folks who want the performance of separates but also want the simplicity of a single chassis unit. It features a fully active preamplifier section as well as a 60 watt power amplifier section. Its sound is ... ( read original story ...)

Quicksilver MX-190 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier

This is a classic Quicksilver MX-190 stereo tube amplifier from the 1980s. It has been in storage for some years before being taken out last year and tested. There was a faulty bias pot and a couple of iffy tubes in the amp, but after some TLC and new ... ( read original story ...)

AuricSound A7 Vacuum Tube Amp XLR Stereo Hybrid

AuricSound has launched a new vacuum tube amplifier via Kickstarter this month in the form of the AuricSound A7 which has been created to provide a warm and rich sound. The vacuum tube amplifier is capable of providing an output of 50W + 50W with low power ... ( read original story ...)

David Celia is a tube-amp guy in a solid-state world

The melodic rocker David Celia has held down the Friday supper-hour show at the Cameron House for a few years now, but, unlike other holders of weekly residencies, he keeps things fresh by rotating material from his various albums. He has a talent for ... ( read original story ...)


I am the second owner of this amplifier. It is all original with no modifications except for updates of high quality parts as you can see in the photos. It belonged to a deceased audio writer who wrote for a major audio publication. I have kept it for a ... ( read original story ...)

Cary CAD-805AE Mono Tube Amplifier Pair; Upgraded (3154)

Cosmetic Description: 7/10 Very good cosmetic condition with some minor visible cosmetic wear including 2 very small scratches on the faceplate of one, scratching on the top and side surfaces, and some rub marks on the transformer housing. This item looks ... ( read original story ...)