Using Pedals to Shape High–Gain Amp Tones

When a Tube Screamer is paired with a high–gain amp like the popular Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier or Peavey 5150/6105, it’s often used to sculpt tone instead of boost the signal. Commonly, the pedal’s volume is set high and its gain is set low, ... ( read original story ...)

McIntosh MC-275 mkVI Stereo Power Tube Amplifier

In Year 2011, McIntosh came out with their MC275 50th Anniversary Limited Edition which was a substantial redesign. The 50th Anniversary production run is now complete. The new Mk VI is simply a chrome plated version of the 50th Anniversary. The ... ( read original story ...)

Sonic Frontiers Power 1 Tube Amplifier (8651)

Offered today by The Music Room: One Sonic Frontiers Power 1 Tube Amplifier. This product has passed all of our rigorous quality assurance testing and is performing wonderfully. This is a one-owner unit - used exclusively in a non-smoking home. It is ... ( read original story ...)

Dignity Audio 300B SE mono tube amplifier

On sale is one Dignity Audio 300B power amplifier. This power amplifier was well designed and built with quality materials, wiring is point to point, works were done seriously. This amplifier employed one Electro Harmonix 6SN7 and one Electrol Harmonix ... ( read original story ...)

5 Best Solid State Amps for Metal and Heavy Rock

It's not accurate to say that tube amps aren't good for metal. I also wouldn't concede that solid state amps are never good for blues, jazz or mellow rock. There's too much overlap to paint in such broad strokes. Plus, I've always thought solid state amps ... ( read original story ...)

Finding Your Tube Amp’s “Sweet Spot”

Nearly every tube amp has a “sweet spot” — a point at which the tubes are cooking but not pushed too hard, the guitar sustains, has good dynamics, and a full, rich tone. But it’s not the same for every amp; some amps are meant to have everything ... ( read original story ...)

Conrad Johnson Classic 120SE Brand New Tube Amplifier

I have this Amplifier in stock! The first one from CJ. This ad is for a Brand New Conrad Johnson Classic 120SE Tube Power Amplifier. I am an authorized Conrad Johnson Dealer and you will get full Conrad Johnson warranty when buying from me. This Classic ... ( read original story ...)