Vacuum Tube Audio M-125 Mono-Tube Power Amplifier Review

The VTA M-125 mono-tube power amplifiers offer the ultimate in channel separation (and yes, it IS audible) along with features including pentode-triode modes, 4 and 8-ohm output taps, and the ability to tube roll. These options make the amplifiers virtual ... ( read original story ...)

Canary Audio M 350 Mono Block Tube Amplifiers.

These are the latest amps from Canary. They have all the beauty of the 300B tube but they also pack a punch. These are great dynamic amps with a strong 50WPC output. Made in America. Respected worldwide. Ask about the demo pair. I am also an authorized ... ( read original story ...)

Vincent SV-800 Hybrid Tube Amp – Silver – Brand New

Add 3.5% to the total if you pay by PayPal Breakthrough 'Direct Coupled' Design: Hybrid vacuum tube/solid state integrated amplifier Breakthrough circuit design directly couples tubes to output transistors Switchable 'Class A/B' - 'Class A' output ... ( read original story ...)

Onix Audio H-34 Stereo Tube Amplifier

Every thing the SP3 does, the H.34 does BETTER! and that's saying a lot because the SP3 is pretty incredible and well worthy of all of the praise it has received over the years. sonically The H.34 it's more rich with my Harbeth P3ESR and Totem ... ( read original story ...)