This awesome hi-fi deal combines a five-star Marantz amplifier with fantastic Dali speakers

Marantz PM6007 + Dali Oberon 5 was £1148 now £880 at Peter Tyson (save £268) Two hi-fi products straight from the top drawer and now available with a…

Marantz joins the trade-in bandwagon as part of its 70th anniversary celebrations

In program that runs until the 24th of November as part of the brand’s 70th Anniversary celebrations. Much like the preceding initiatives, the “70 Years” program encourages customers to…

House of Marley Stir It Up Lux review: the sweet sound of sustainability

The House of Marley Stir It Up Lux is a beautiful Bluetooth-capable turntable made with sustainable materials that’s perfect for beginners.

Marantz’s new retro AV receiver is the perfect slim size for my small apartment

Marantz has been in the luxury audio business for 70 years, and its latest stereo receiver wouldn’t look out of place in a 70s sound system. But behind…

New Marantz Stereo 70s is an AV receiver for those who love two-channel sound

Marantz has a new home theater receiver for those who prefer two-channel stereo over multichannel surround: the $1,000 Marantz Stereo 70s.

Marantz’s AV receiver promises full-sized sound from a slim package

That’s just what Marantz promises with the Stereo 70s, its newest two-channel AV receiver. It stands just 11cm tall, which is substantially shorter than other models in our…

You’ve got 70 days to trade your old Marantz components for discounted new ones

Marantz is giving owners of its older products 70 days to take them into a dealer for evaluation, and a possible discount on the purchase of new Marantz…

New Studies Provide Further Evidence That Zoning Reforms Work

A collection of studies published in the latest issue of Cityscape confirms that zoning and other land-use reforms increase the supply of housing.

Loss of urban talk radio station leaves void in Metro Detroit’s Black community

A format change at WFDF-AM (910), which offered urban talk, aggravated the dearth of radio shows focusing on African Americans in Metro Detroit.

Ant-Man Concept Art Reveals One Phase 5 Character Was Almost Way Weirder

Quantumania reveals that one Phase 5 character was even more weird than the film portrayed him to be. Given that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania dealt primarily with…