Qinpu A-6500 Desktop Vacuum Tube Hi-Fi Amplifier

The Qinpu A-6500 is a compact, affordable tube amplifier designed to drive quality headphones or bookshelf/desktop speakers in the home. Updated and improved from the previous model A-6000MKII, the A-6500 features an advanced circuit design to capably drive quality speakers such as the Qinpu VF-3.2 and VF-3.3 speakers for a superb listening experience. Or it has ample power to drive quality headphones, even ones that are power hungry. It also features a subwoofer output for low-end frequency enhancement. For the audiophile on a budget, the Qinpu A-6500 is an exceptional value. A-6500 Specification Power Output: 2×16.5W(8Ω RMS) Frequency Response: 20Hz-50KHz (±10dB) THD: ≤2% SNR: ≥80dB ACR: ≥50Db(1KHz) Sensitivity: ≤450mV

Sale Price:$249.00

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