Straight Wire Audio System Evaluation Process Review

If you spend any amount of time in on-line audio forums, you’ll quickly realize that there are some things you just don’t talk about. One of them is the use of cables in high-performance playback systems. Sure, they’re necessary; however, opinions on ... ( read original story ...)

5.1 Surround Sound System Setup Issues on Windows 10

I know the title isn't super specific, but I've been having trouble overall with setting up my surround sound speakers with my Windows 10 desktop, and I was hoping if anyone could shed some light on the many issues I've encountered. I have a Windows 10 ... ( read original story ...)

Control4, Triad Speakers Launch Garden Array Outdoor Speakers

Designed to blend in with the outdoor environment, the Control4 garden speakers bring music and beauty to the back yard. Control4 has focused its smart home efforts primarily on developing affordable professionally installed automation systems. But after ... ( read original story ...)

McIntosh MC-275 mkVI Stereo Power Tube Amplifier

In Year 2011, McIntosh came out with their MC275 50th Anniversary Limited Edition which was a substantial redesign. The 50th Anniversary production run is now complete. The new Mk VI is simply a chrome plated version of the 50th Anniversary. The ... ( read original story ...)

Paradigm Cinema Trio speaker Brand New Not opened

This sale is for a brand new, unopened Paradigm Cinema Trio speaker system. I bought this for a project that never materialized. When size and sound matter While its true, there are tiny satellite speakers aided by small subwoofers that can be hidden in ... ( read original story ...)

Car Subwoofer Speakers

Are you looking for a mild upgrade for your mobile audio system? A basic replacement subwoofer speaker? A power-soaking, bone-crushing competition sub driver? Parts Express carries all of these types of car audio subwoofers. Car audio sub drivers push the ... ( read original story ...)

Ultrasonic speaker lets you whisper to people 30 metres away

The word-recognition system was then paired with wearable speakers that played an ultrasonic recording of the words that a person whispered or mouthed. The speakers emit ultrasound in a narrow beam, at a six-degree angle, so that only people directly in ... ( read original story ...)