Ultra-fancy mobile meditation studio is en route to NYC

The bus also features wooden floors, simple dark cushions, and a massive glowing orb that will try to steal your soul (kidding, it just wants to be friends). An advanced audio system helps facilitators lead guided meditations while extra air conditioners ... ( read original story ...)

Supergun – Browser Game

The yellow orbs are perhaps the most fun to collect as they’re stackable ... with addictive reflex-testing arcade gameplay and a fantastic fusion of pulsing visuals and thumping electronic audio that really assaults your senses. Super fun supergunning ... ( read original story ...)

STEM expo shows off new technology

Dudder found the digital audio workstation program while watching YouTube and gained ... When she was done, her dad looked at her design, which to the untrained eye resembled a rectangle and an orb and asked, “is it a little table?” ( read original story ...)

Chilling Out

Welcome to the tenth in our series of audio adventures that we call Tales for Our Time ... and he knew that a few more days must pass before that cheerful orb, due south, would just peep above the sky-line and dip immediately from view. ( read original story ...)

Gaming love letters: NiGHTS into Dreams

She falls, hopelessly, almost glitch-like, and all audio fades from the game ... to collect as many shiny silver orbs as these limited seconds allow. Actually, scratch that, you want to get twenty of those silver ones as efficiently as you can, deliver ... ( read original story ...)