Monoprice Introduces New Speakers and Tube Amplifier

Monoprice recently introduced several new audio products, including a stereo hybrid tube amp system with Bluetooth ($199.99), a pair of powered Bluetooth desktop speakers ($229.99), and new Select Series bookshelf speakers--sold individually or as part of ... ( read original story ...)

Butler Audio Monad Fantastic Tube Hybrid Monoblock Amps

BK Butler's ultimate flagship amplifier design. A100 Monad amplifiers are simply unparalleled in the industry. Single-ended Class A 300B Triode Tube response with over 100W RMS of power! The A100 MONAD is an ultra esoteric and patented design of BK Butler. ( read original story ...)

Decware Super Zen UfFO 2 (NEW) SE triode tube amplifier

For sale Super Zen Triode UFO 2 amp. This is the highly tweaked version of this great sounding little gem. Additional mods include Stepped attenuator and real cherry wood base. Also included in addition to the stock tubes is Gold Lion U77/GZ34 rectifier ... ( read original story ...)