KENWOOD Bluetooth equipped with high-resolution support compact stereo components Hi-Fi System XK-330-B (Black)

Commodity Description ★ USB terminal mounting that can play high-quality high-resolution sound source ● Save the sound source to USB memory You can be reproduced easily high-resolution sound source by simply plugging into the main body. ★ The full digital amplifier that enables the high music playback-quality ● a full digital amplifier of the structure of the radiator-less, by minimizing the circuit structure up to a speaker terminal, suppress the influence of noise from the outside. In addition, we have realized the playback at high quality even for high-resolution sound source by thorough vibration measures. ★ 2-way speakers that play a faithful high resolution sound to the sound source ● (Pure pulp diaphragm) The woofer

Sale Price:$275.93

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