This BlitzWolf 60W soundbar has so much to offer

The BlitzWolf 60W soundbar has a lot of power but it was also built with space in mind. Perfect for those who have limited room, this model can fit in even the smallest spaces due to its sleek design. The bar is only 36 inches in length and will easily ... ( read original story ...

Sonos Beam first look: The smart soundbar to rule them all?

Sonos made speakers. Then they made a smart speaker. Sonos made soundbars. Then they made a smart soundbar. It’s called the Sonos Beam. I say ‘smart soundbar’, as distinct from a regular soundbar, because the Sonos Beam supports the Amazon Alexa ... ( read original story ...)

Sonos Finally Made a Cheaper Soundbar

Five years after Sonos delivered the original Playbar, still one of the best soundbars you can get for under $1,000, and easily the best in the $700 range, the company is back with a new and mostly improved model. The Sonos Beam. The biggest upgrades are ... ( read original story ...)

Sonos’ New Soundbar Points to a Voice-Enabled Future

The Sonos Beam is a new $399 soundbar, but to Sonos, it's a heck of a lot more than just a speaker that sits under your television. It's a fabric-wrapped representation of how Sonos sees the future—one in which all the voice assistants from Apple and ... ( read original story ...)