Tube Amp Doctor 5Y3GT Rectifier Tube

The rectifier tube for smaller vintage amps like the 5F1 Fender Tweed Champ or the Tweed Deluxe 5E3. This small bottle version is the closest in performance and relaiblity to the vintage 5Y3GT of the ... ( read original story ...)

Tube Audio Amplifier

I built this "tubes only" amplifier from scratch. It's a quite long project of mine and it required a lot of time and patience to make and in this summary I'll show you how i made it. If you are inter... ( read original story ...)

Tube Amp Doctor 12AX7WA-R Preamp Tube

Very low noise but slightly less gain than a regular 12AX7. Soft highs and edgy, dominant mids. Our recommendation when your amp has microphonic issues. This tube is used in many Fender amps made toda... ( read original story ...)

Tube Amp Doctor 7025 Preamp Tube

Warm, clean tone with creamy overdrive! PREMIUM selected quality for the most demanding amp stages. This tube works greatly for warm clean tones and creamy overdrive. We recommend this tube for the 1s... ( read original story ...)

Best Tube Amps

Thanks to digital modeling, we can conjure up any and every flavor of guitar tone. But for true tone aficionados, it always comes back to tubes. Why is that? What’s so special about tubes? After all, ... ( read original story ...)