Butler Audio Monad Fantastic Tube Hybrid Monoblock Amps

BK Butler's ultimate flagship amplifier design. A100 Monad amplifiers are simply unparalleled in the industry. Single-ended Class A 300B Triode Tube response with over 100W RMS of power! The A100 MONAD is an ultra esoteric and patented design of BK Butler. ( read original story ...)

Decware Super Zen UfFO 2 (NEW) SE triode tube amplifier

For sale Super Zen Triode UFO 2 amp. This is the highly tweaked version of this great sounding little gem. Additional mods include Stepped attenuator and real cherry wood base. Also included in addition to the stock tubes is Gold Lion U77/GZ34 rectifier ... ( read original story ...)

Audio Research Reference 75 Tube Amplifier

WOW, We have for sale the amazing, highly rated Audio Research Ref 75 power amp. This amazing amp, from the legendary high and audio company Audio Research is our demo and is in excellent condition. It will ship in original box with all factory packing. ( read original story ...)

Air Tight ATM 300B Anniversary Vacuum Tube Amplifier

Air Tight 300B Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Amplifier--next to new with less 100 hours total use time. Beautiful sounding 300B tube amplifier that utilizes perhaps the best 300B tubes currently in production: the Japanese-made, Takatsuki TA-300B. ( read original story ...)

The MZ2 ZOTL Amp By Linear Tube Audio

Linear Tube Audio started in 2015 as the first company to successfully manufacture David Berning’s complex amplifier designs. David Berning is considered one of the best amplifier designers today, while being a formally trained physicist by trade. ( read original story ...)

Output Tube Biasing, An Introduction

Big tube amps like the one pictured above can be a bit intimidating, even to yours truly. First a disclaimer: I’m not an electrical engineer, but I do have several decades experience poking around in tube amps. This will be a basic introduction for ... ( read original story ...)

Top 10 Best Mini Guitar Amp Heads 2017

Taking after its big brother the Tiny Terror, this amp helped define the lunchbox style, bringing crushing tones to easy-to-move units. For much less than the more famous version, Orange will deliver for you 20 watts of actual tube tone using a 12AX7 valve ... ( read original story ...)