The best surround sound systems for gaming (March 2018)

In a generation when games really do sound as good as they look, the importance of a high quality sound system is at an all time high for making sure your gaming experience is a sensory powerhouse in every regard. Some players use top of the range gaming ... ( read original story ...)

Onkyo Demos Tablet with a 12.5-inch 4K Display at MWC

Onkyo has demonstrated a prototype of a tablet featuring a 4K display as well as a premium audio sub-system at MWC. The Granbeat Hi-Res Tablet tablet is aimed primarily at multimedia enthusiasts who would like to have UHD resolution as well as advanced ... ( read original story ...)

Como Audio Amico Wireless Speaker System

Como offers a range of speakers, most of which play in mono unless paired with another speaker from the Como family. The Amico is one of the company’s smallest speakers, standing vertically with two drivers (a 1-inch tweeter and 3-inch woofer) in a ... ( read original story ...)