1970s Weltron space age audio system and speakers on eBay

Oh these don’t come up very often, so do check out the 1970s Weltron space age audio system and speakers on eBay right now. This model is a Weltron 2004, which, rather confusingly, dates back to to 1973. Ok, not that confusing, this could only have been ... ( read original story ...)

Apple HomePod vs. two Sonos Ones: Sound quality face-off

Here's where it gets interesting. You can pair two Sonos Ones together to get a true left/right stereo speaker system. For a few weeks following the HomePod's debut, Sonos was offering a $50 discount if you buy two Sonos Ones, but that deal appears to have ... ( read original story ...)

Marantz PM-11 s2 integrated

beautiful sounding marantz pm 11 s2 integrated amp. i have had the opportunity to hear this integrated compared to the sm 11 s1 amp & preamp & the sound is similar. i have owned a lot of gear & this is a special piece! selling only due to the fact i have ... ( read ...

The Best Budget Soundbar With Sub

After researching all of the new sub-$500 soundbars available and extensively testing the seven most promising models, we think the Vizio SB3651-E6 5.1 is the right soundbar with sub for most people. Its performance-to-price ratio is off the charts ... ( read original story ...)

Bose reveals sound-based smart glasses in push into AR

Audio brand Bose has announced it's entering the augmented reality market with its own set of smart glasses. The current prototype aims to evolve the role of audio in augmented reality, a technology which is currently dominated by visual experiences. ( read original story ...)