Review: McIntosh MA252 tube/solid-state integrated amplifier

In the world of high-end audio, there are solid-state tribes and there are tube tribes. Usually the two pretty much stick to their own camps, except for scattered skirmishes when they cross paths at the watering hole. Each tribe believes theirs is the one ... ( read original story ...)

Marantz AV8801 Pre-amp/Processor

Conservatively rated 8/10 as there are no flaws I can see whatsoever, it looks and works like the day it was purchased new. This Marantz AV8801 has very low hours on it, always plugged into a power conditioner, never one glitch or issue with it, I ... ( read original story ...)

Speaker Madness

Pure, elegant sound is delivered from a pure, elegant sound system that will complement any midcentury enthusiast’s décor. The Tabletop HiFi from Symbol Audio of Nyack, New York, is designed like a piece of furniture for years of use — it works with ... ( read original story ...)

Marantz CC-4003 5 Disc Changer

This is a Marantz CC-4003 5 disc changer. I have digitized my entire audio library and am also going to get rid of my CDs. Still works perfectly. Remote included and the unit is in perfect condition. Will ship in the original box with remote and I ... ( read original story ...)

Speaker Ryan is expected to seek re-election; will he stay?

WASHINGTON — Paul Ryan’s future as House speaker has been such a topic of speculation that ... including downsizing the welfare system and other safety net programs, as he outlined in an impassioned monologue to reporters after the tax bill last ... ( read original story ...)

Enhance your Game Room with the Logitech G650 Sound System

If you’re planning to get your own gaming room, you may as well see to it that all of your computer accessories are designed and built to enable a better gameplay. Logitech’s G560 Lightsync PC Gaming Speakers can do the job. Designed with synchronized ... ( read original story ...)

Sony Muteki MHC-V90DW home audio system REVIEW

We’ve played with some of Sony’s wireless speakers before, including the really-quite-large XB7, which is like an on-stage monitor wedge standing on end. Quite the beast. But nothing is likely to prepare you for the unboxing of Sony’s latest “Home ... ( read original story ...)