YAQIN MS12B 12AX7 X2 TUBE PreAmplifier Integrated Amplifier and Phono Stage

Input Power : 110V – 240V AVAILABLE
Tube / Valve : 12AX7 x 4
Input Voltage :
CD/DVD 0.25V / 0.7V (Second Gear);
RIAA 0.25V / 0.7V (Second Gear)
Output Voltage :
CD/DVD ≤0.25V ;
Frequency Response :
CD/DVD: 15Hz-100kHz (-2dB) ;
RIAA: Standard characters
Signal/Noise Ratio :
CD/DVD ≥75dB(A)1KHz(When input 0.5V and output 0.7V);
RIAA ≥65dB(A)1KHz(When input 10mV and output 0.7V)
Harmonic Distortion :
CD/DVD ≤0.2% ;
RIAA ≤0.5%
Input jacks : 1 group
Output jacks : 2 groups
Weight : 6.5 kg
MC OF High Output !
Size Dimension : W: 190mm H: 180mm D: 290mm

Colour : Silver Body & Black Power Supply
Item Includes : All the Tubes / Valve + Standard 1.5m “5 ft” Power

Sale Price:$339.00

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