Yamaha A-S3000 Natural Sound Integrated Amplifier

Profoundly accurate sound with the full expressive power of the music. Exceptional sonic purity, elimination of signal loss-in an exquisite, elegant design. The supreme culmination of the Yamaha line-the A-S3000. The goal: To express the deepest emotions of the artist, to touch and move the hearts of listeners, and to deliver the utmost pleasure in the music. The S3000 series was born from this passion. In order to make this a reality, we designed the A-S3000 Integrated Amplifier literally from the ground up-returning to the drawing board of amplifier design, completely revising the chassis structure, circuit layout, and other elements-creating Yamaha’s own unique Floating and Balanced Amplifier. Bringing our passion for music, our desire

Sale Price:$6,999.95

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