Wireless Subwoofer Transmitter

With a range of up to 48 feet, the Niles SW-T Wireless Transmitter sends a signal to a Niles SW-R Wireless Receiver (required and sold separately) to allow a wireless installation and convenient placement of a Niles SW6.5 or SW-8 compact subwoofer. This is a great solution for most home theater installations as typically you won’t have access to run wires through the walls, instead forcing you run a subwoofer cable across the floor, creating an eyesore for you and and your guests. It is especially convenient if you have a home theater that uses 2 or more subwoofers – as this transmitter can send a signal out to 4 different subwoofer simultaneously – perfect for the latest 5.2, 7.2, 9.2 and 11.2 channel surround sound systems. It features

Sale Price:$61.76

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