Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speakers with HD Audio and Surround Sound, Outdoor Pill Speakers with Built-in Microphone

Features of Bluetooth Speakers: Bluetooth audio: Bluetooth 3.0+EDR, maximum receiving distance of 10 meters Bluetooth phone: Clear voice, no echo MP3 player: Direct broadcast TF card storing MP3 files Audio input: Stereo audio input interface, easy to connect computers, digital music player, cell phones and other audio devices. Tracks (breakpoint memory): Automatically remember the last exit, and volume Build-in battery: Build-in rechargeable lithium battery, environmental protection, energy saving, practical. USB reader: Connected to the computer, you can copy or delete a song in TF card. USB sound card: Connected to the computer, play computer audio files, you can control the computer down song, volume. Product

Sale Price:$19.90

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