Sumci Bluetooth speakers 3D stereo sound microphone for Mp3 IPHONE IPAD Android or other equipment tumbler shape portable touch-built wireless speakers.

feature1. smart voice prompt; replaceable battery, long service life of battery; be convenient; 2. support FM frequency adjustment, 87.50MHZ-108.00MHZ can search automatically and reserve searched channels;3.the panel adopts light sensation touching technology with better flexibility, identification, and faster touches sensitive speed, and longer service life than that of common touching sense.4. built-in NFC sensor technology; support connection with NFC function; realize rapid Bluetooth matching in interaction within close distance;5. support USB flash dask, and TF card, music play in formats like MP3 and WMA and so on; multiple-functional voice box with audio input, wireless connected play;6. Design theory of tumbler; no matter how the

Sale Price:$37.99

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