Sony DSXMS60 Marine Boat MP3 USB iPod iPhone Radio Receiver RMX60M Wired Remote

Overview: The newly designed Sony DSX-MS60 Marine Digital Media Receiver features a smart-looking and brilliantly designed USB 1®-wire Tune tray where you can store your iPod® behind the receivers face. The benefits; it enables you to guard, connect, charge and control your iPod while on the water. It contains a moisture-resistant coating that shields the receivers internal electronics from the harsh environment. or you can benefit of your favorite tunes by connecting a USB thumb drive loaded with MP3, WMA, or AAC filesor or use the front-panel auxiliary input for connecting any other MP3 player or any other sound source. Also included a carrying case for the face cover and a wireless remote to run the receiver. The unit also has a

Sale Price:$162.99

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