SmartStereo SP-122 Mini Portable USB Powered Desktop PC Computer Speakers

About Smartstereo® In pursuit of creating a Original Fidelity of Sound. Smart Stereo was established by a group of senior Electro-acoustics engineers, violinist, And concert tuners collaboratively. Smart Stereo developed a series of audio products, which includes a vacuums tubes amplifier (Valve Amplifier) for audiophiles. Smart Stereo aims to provide more comfortable sound experience for pro-user and share our ideas of Original Fidelity of Sound with them. Appreciation to Rual Eugen Chinda from Miami whom designed some of Smart Stereo products. Brings more aesthetic experience to Smart Stereo. +++++ Built-in active amplifier Pure and elegant sound quality with unsurpassed effect In compliance with acoustics and aesthetics

Sale Price:$6.99

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