SAFEWATTS AC Adapter Power Charger +/-18V for Bose SoundDock II SoundDock III (Series 2, 3) Replacement for Bose PSM36W-208, PSC36W-208

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Safewatts products are CE/FCC/RoHS certified, and comes with a full 1 year warranty
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About the Product

This Safewatts® AC Adapter is a High Quality Power supply Charger for The Bose SoundDock II SoundDock III series Digital Music System, It meets or exceeds the specifications of the AC adapter that shipped with the system and it enables you to operate your system from any electrical power outlets.
Note: SoundDock 2, 3 compatibility ONLY !
This is +/-18V Barrel Tip AC Adapter, not 20V. Please check your requirement. If you

Sale Price:$19.98

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