Rhino – VA1 – W/ Vintage Tubes

Rhino VA1 is powered by one 6SN7 and one 6AS7/6080 power triode vacuum tubes. The vintage package includes these two vacuum tubes produced by RCA/Svetlana/GE. The fun part to use a vacuum tube amplifier is customers could replace with their own vintage tubes to satisfy personal preference. 6SN7 and 6AS7/6080 series are available from a wide array of vintage tube brands such as RCA, GE, Svetlana, Osram, Western electric, Tung-sol, Raytheon etc. Rhino VA1 housing a Darkvoice 336SE inside, designed by Darkvoice’s inventor Mr. Zhang Qiang from his audio lab in Chengdu (Szchuan, China). Skylab review of headphone amps ranked the 336SE on the 17th place, and its sister model 337 (dual mono) ranked on the 6th place. The VA-1 supports line in

Sale Price:$299.00

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