Qinpu – Q3 – Integrated / Headphone Amplifier

The Qinpu Q3 is a compact hybrid tube integrated amplifier and headphone amp which delivers the luxurious sound of vacuum tubes from the ‘Golden Age’ of hi-fi along with the speed and reliability of solid state circuitry. The Q3 is the ‘bigger brother’ to Qinpu’s popular Q2, which offers an output of 2.5 watts-per-channel in integrated amplifier mode. The Q3 doubles that, providing a clean 5 watts-per-channel. This may not seem like much at first glance. But the Q3’s circuitry is powerful enough to drive a large range of speakers with articulate and harmonically pleasing sound. You’ll be surprised at the big performance that the Q3 delivers. As an integrated amp, the Q3 is a gem of a compact sound system for your PC, portable music

Sale Price:$139.00

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