Qinpu A3 Integrated Amplifier

Sometimes big things really do come in small packages. The tiny Qinpu A3 vacuum tube integrated amplifier packs a mighty high-end wallop. It delivers a beautiful room-filling 8.5 watts per channel. A pair of 6N3 output tubes contribute to the velvety and detailed sound. Audio Advisor sales rep Joe Darmogray spent a lot of time listening to the A3 and says, “I just can’t see how they do it! Such high quality at this low price. It drove my Sennheiser HD800s flawlessly with power to spare. Tubes just seem to mate with headphones. They give you silky smooth highs that make you just want to keep listening. It’s an integrated amp to boot! It drives my Energy C-300 just

Sale Price:$198.95

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