PSVANE TC1 EL34 Integrated Push-pull Vacumn Tube Amplifier, Headphone Output Supported,with Remote control

FeaturesPure tube with solid crafting, adopted with scaffold welding. Use two high-quality output transformer of wide frequency. Use the EI–type power voltage transformer specifically designed for this machine. Use two 12AU7 vacuum tubes and one 12AX7 in pre-amplifier. Use four EL34 vacuum tubes acting as AB1 class push-pull power amplifier. Functioned with headphone output. Select Japanese ALPS high-end potentiometer. Choose the plug-in tube shield convenient to assemble. Specification 1. Host machine specification :EL34 2. Output power : 35+35W(RMS 8Ω) 3. Power consumption :200W 4. Frequency response : 15Hz~36kHz 5. THD:≤1.2%(1kHz) 6. Input sensitivity :290mV 7. Input impedance :100kΩ 8. Output impedance

Sale Price:$729.99

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