Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Powered Rear-Firing Subwoofer – Wireless Speaker with Rechargeable Battery – Forte by Mediabridge (Part# BTS-1B)

Mediabridge Forte – Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Powered Subwoofer Get the most out of your music with the Mediabridge Forte. The Forte doesn’t just have a subwoofer “sound effect” or other gimmick. It has a separate fully powered active subwoofer built in to give you a well-balanced powerful sound. A staggering 5 Watts of power from this tiny 8 ounce speaker will surprise you. Product Features – Powered subwoofer creates a full bodied deep bass to complement the acoustic driver – Rechargeable battery for 6 hours of music/talk time – Compact rounded-corner design is 3.5in tall x 2.5in wide x 2.5in deep and weighs in at a portable 8 ounces. – Easily pair your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, computer, or any other Bluetooth device to

Sale Price:$19.99

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