Pioneer VSX-D509S Dolby Digital Audio/Video Receiver (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

With both Dolby Digital and DTS surround decoding, S-video switching, 5.1-channel analog inputs, four digital-audio inputs, and the ability to deliver 100 watts across all five main channels, Pioneer’s VSX-D509S is poised to satisfy many a movie and music fan. Its value goes deeper than its feature set, however: the VSX-D509S offers full-bodied sound with fine detail and texture. Vocals sound clear and well-defined, while the bass–crucial for dynamic surround-sound reproduction–is taut and authoritative. Operation is a breeze: the receiver’s setup and controls work perfectly, and radio signals come in clear as crystal. Pioneer’s four Advanced Theater modes (Musical, Drama, Action, and Expanded) enhance DTS and Dolby Digital playback,

Sale Price:$150.42

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