Pangea Audio HP 201 Tube Headphone Amplifier

The Pangea Audio HP201 hybrid vacuum tube/solid state headphone amp was designed by an engineering team led by renowned engineer/designer Jay Victor, who also carefully tweaked the circuitry for optimum performance. It uses a Pure Class A, single ended design with no negative feedback, which contributes to the amazing sound. It also has a built-in 24/192 DAC. Unlike other manufacturers’ headphone amps in this price class, the HP201 doesn’t use op-amps in its output stage. After testing a variety of op-amp output devices, Jay decided to use discrete MOSFET output devices for power amplification instead. The 24/48/96/192kHz compatible input lets you play high resolution digital audio files directly from your Windows or Mac computer. The DAC

Sale Price:$299.99

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