Orb Audio Mod1 / Amplifier Combo in Hand Polished Steel

INCLUDES NEW ORB AMPLIFIER! Want great Orb sound for your computer, iPod or TV without getting into complicated surround sound receivers? This package includes 2 Orb Mod1 or Mod2 speakers and a tiny, audiophile quality amplifier to provide power for your Orbs. Package saves $29 vs. individual prices!

Each Orb speaker is less than 4.25 inches in diameter and packs a custom, state of the art full range speaker driver. While the round speaker shape is pleasing to the eye, it also offers superior acoustic properties – the perfect embodiment of form following function. Dialogue and vocals have excellent presence and music enjoys a rich reproduction that rivals much larger speakers.

Orb Audio speakers are made in America from carbon

Sale Price:$359.00

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