Orb Audio Mini Classic One 2.1 Stereo Speaker System

Orb Audio’s Mini Classic One 2.1 Stereo Speaker system packs a serious punch in a compact package. Featuring two Mod1X satellite speakers and an ultra-compact subMINI subwoofer, the Mini Classic One from Orb Audio will provide high-end sound quality with full range presence for music and movies / TV. The Mod1X satellite speakers are made by hand in the USA from carbon steel and are 4.25 inches in diameter. Each speaker comes with a steel desk stand for use on a table, shelf or other flat surface. Another unique feature is that all Orb Audio satellite speakers are modular and upgradeable. They can be mounted to the wall or ceiling or used on a floor stand. Also, two Mod1X satellites can be combined to create a more powerful Mod2X speaker

Sale Price:$488.00

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