Orb Audio Mini 5.1 Plus – Pearl White Gloss

Orb Audio’s Mini 5.1 PLUS Home Theater Speaker System will blow your mind without blowing your budget. Available in 6 different finishes and an excellent speaker system for watching movies & TV as well as listening to all types of music, this surround sound system from Orb Audio features a Mod2X Center Channel Speaker, 4 Mod1X Satellite Speakers and the ultra compact subMINI powered subwoofer. Also included are the necessary wires and cables to quickly and easily connect the speakers and subwoofer to your AV receiver or amplifier. This system is modular and upgradeable by adding more locations for 7, 9 or 11 channel systems and by adding more Orbs to existing speakers for the higher-output Mod2X or Mod4X configurations. Orb Audio is known

Sale Price:$726.00

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