Orb Audio Booster 50 Watt Mini Integrated Amplifier With Optical Input and Remote Control

BRAND NEW FOR 2016 – the Booster Mini Amplifier from Orb Audio brings big receiver features and performance to a compact integrated amplifier. Don’t let its size fool you; the Booster Mini Amplifier is packed with features once only found in full blown AV receivers. With a digital optical input, subwoofer pre-out and remote control, the Booster has everything you need in a modern amplifier to create a high performance audio system equally adept at music and television. Featuring custom capacitors and power supplies the Booster Mini Amplifier delivers 25 watts per channel of clean, accurate power – enough to drive any satellite, bookshelf or floor-standing speaker and deliver an incredible soundstage with brilliant transparent imaging. In

Sale Price:$169.00

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