Orb Audio 5.1 People’s Choice Home Theater in Pearl White

Looking for a stylish set of Home Theater speakers to replace your clunky bookshelf or floor speakers? Orb Audio’s People’s Choice Home Theater Speaker System brings audiophile home speaker quality to your home theater system. This package features a combination of Orb Audio’s award winning satellite speakers and our custom 200 watt subONE Subwoofer. The Front Channels utilize Orb Audio’s Mod2X configuration, with two speakers paired together to give you a full range sound that rivals much larger speakers. The surround channels are comprised the Mod1 X satellite which will give you exceptional surround imaging from a discreet 4.25 inch sphere.

Each Orb speaker packs a custom, state of the art full range speaker driver. While the

Sale Price:$1,198.00

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