Onkyo PRSC5530 11.2-Channel THX Certified Network A/V Controller with Dolby Atmos

Bringing next-generation audio and video processing together with flagship connectivity and audiophile build quality, the PR-SC5530 represents the ultimate in A/V separates technology. This THX Ultra2 Plus-certified controller supports Ultra HD video at 60 Hz with HDCP 2.2 via HDMI 2.0, with Qdeo 4K up scaling technology and ISF video calibration ensuring the absolute best picture quality possible, even from low- resolution sources. A massive steroidal transformer with separate EI transformers for A/V processing, seven discrete 32-bit TI Burr-Brown DACs, and two 32-bit DSP engines support hi-res audio streaming via Wi-Fi and the new Dolby Atmos format for unbelievably realistic multidimensional surround-sound. Your choice of balanced or

Sale Price:$1,494.00

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