ONKYO home theater package 2.1ch HTX-35HDX (Japan Import)

Product introduction ■ he wanted to surround environment design ■ only front speakers enjoy a virtual 5.1ch sound field in ■ 5.1ch real surround glad option speaker corresponding ■ is compatible with high-definition HD surround of the corresponding ■ Blu-ray disc in 3D video transmission and ARC ■ advanced high-quality amplifier circuit ■ dramatically realized the pure analog conversion “VLSC” circuit (front 2ch) ■ deep bass playback ■ small volume full of no sense of speed of lullaby full of audio Mind ■ in 1 enclosure in Na design technology But rich sound quality, that can be configured change of music optimizer ■ while watching enjoy in Optimum gain volume ■ better sound intelligent volume ■ compressed sound

Sale Price:$298.70

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