Nobsound® Little Bear P8 SEPP Pure valve Tube Headphone Power Amplifier Pre-AMP metal Stereo HIFI audio Preamplifier Aluminum chassis

Technical Parameters:

1) input terminal: a group of RCA
2) the output terminal:
A: RCA as preamplifier .
B: a 6.35 earphone socket.
3) frequency response: 12HZ—100KHZ (-1dB)
4) distortion: 0.05% (300 ohm, 80 mW)
5)The maximum output power of:
A. 300 mw (600/300 ohm)
A. 300 MW (600/300 Ohm)
B. 350 mw (120 ohm)
B. 350 MW (120 Ohm)
C. 250 mw (32 ohm)
C. 250 MW (32 Ohm)
6) output impedance: 32 ohm – 600 ohm
7) voltage: 110V or 220V-240V (user specified)
8) power consumption: 80 VA
9) size: 300 (deep) X140 (W) X68 (high) mm
10) weight:2.8Kg

Package included :

1x headphome amplifier
3x valves(6N5P*1, 6N3*2)
1x power

Sale Price:$160.00

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