Nobsound® Latest 6Z5P+12AX7B Valve Vacuum Tube Pre-AMP preamplifier DIY KIT for Audio Hifi / DIY Lover best Choice

Main Parameter: Input jack Standard: RCA Block (4 sets of input, one-output) Frequency Response: 10-26kHz (+/- 0.11dB) about 15 times the voltage amplifier Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.078% Signal to noise ratio: 99dB Product Features 1, using the 0.8mm brushed stainless steel plate CNC punching chassis, making SNR up 99dB, the background is extremely clean. 2, power transformers using H360 0.5 piece 76 * 40 core, primary for the two groups 110v, series connection for 220v and Connect In Parallel 110v, secondary filament winding especially with double shield GND,grounding line is yellow-green line outlet 3, A group of filament 3.15v * 2 for three of 12AX7 filament supply (12ax7 4+5 and 9pin 6.3v) 4, high-voltage 270v *

Sale Price:$219.00

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