Nobsound 6J1 HiFi stereo tube Pre-AMP Valve Power Audio Preamplifier with Power Adapter for CD/MP3 player

Important Tips:
about the tube.please do not deep plug it in socket.just plug it in half deep is OK.because the tube easy crush
Features: 1,PCB Circuit layout is reasonable and beautiful, minimize noise,warm sound,perfact for listen person singing.
2,About the input and output interface.all using GOLD RCA interface.
3,Best for your desktop headphone amplifier or home power amplifier, make the sound more warm. (This tube preamp need warm time about 5-10 minutes.)

Sample Guide:
CD/MP3 player—>6J1 preamp—>Power amplifier—>speaker
Input volage:AC18V/1A
Interface:Gold RCA*2(input and output)
Volume knob with volume and Turn ON/OFF function
Input/output impedance:100K
Package included:
1 x HiFi

Sale Price:$38.00

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