Mousai 25WX2 TA2021 MS-A1 Class T Digital Amplifier Silver

25W, 4¦Ø
13.5W, 8¦Ø
81% @ 25W, 4¦Ø
88% @ 13.5W, 8¦Ø
Dynamic Range: 100dB
Panel Color: Black
Fit Color: Black
Case Material: Aluminum
Shell process: pulling grain oxide (not the same as the paint fade)
Screen technology: laser engraving (not the same as the paint fade)
Signal Input: RCA gold-plated lotus signal input
Signal output: 4-wire signal output
Power Supply: DC14V,4A( 50W more than the negative OD 5.5mm, 2.5mm diameter is the heart)
Circuit board: 1.6mm thick ,full-fiber,deep

Sale Price:$24.99

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