MartinLogan Motion 60XT Cherrywood Floorstanding Speakers – Pair

Folded MotionTM TweeterNever settle. That’s exactly what’s on the minds of our engineers when they develop every MartinLogan speaker. Just take a look at the innovative Folded Motion Tweeter. This exotic tweeter-you know, similar to other tweeter technologies found on ultra-high-end speakers-helps gives Motion speakers their fantastically realistic highs. Lightning fast transient response, combined with a large surface area (8-times that of a typical 1″ dome tweeter) creates clear, highly dynamic and precise sound.This is one sweet tweeterThe Folded Motion Tweeter works by moving air (which creates sound) perpendicular to the folded ridges of the diaphragm, similar to how an accordion works. This extremely low mass diaphragm “squeezes”

Sale Price:$3,195.90

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