Logitech Z-4 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer (Black)

MODEL- 970175 VENDOR- LOGITECH INC. FEATURES- Logitech Z-4- Black. Listen in style. Premium sound and modern design for music lovers. Enjoy the elegant styling and premium sound of Logitechs Z-4 speaker system featuring a modern home-audio inspired design and advanced driver technology. Award-winning pressure-driver subwoofer technology delivers unparalleled distortion-free bass. Sleek satellites include durable cast-metal stands and feature one active and two pressure drivers producing the high-quality sound you expect from Logitech. The convenient wired remote control includes a headphone jack auxiliary input volume subwoofer and power controls. Setup is easy with color-coded audio cables. Includes Subwoofer (2) Satellite speakers Power

Sale Price:$83.00

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