Little bear P5-1 CLEAR 6J1 tube valve puffer Preamp Preamplifier amplifier ver1.2

TIPS:when you got the package. you need assemble the preamp board into blue box by youself. it’s easy. then you can use it. (the list picture is assembled. just for refer.) Assembled finish PCB. both panel not yet. when you get need assemble it by yourself, easy work. after you can using it. It’s a very cool’s newest version.

1,PCB Circuit layout is reasonable and beautiful, minimize noise,warm sound,perfact for listen person singing.
2,About the input and output interface.all using GOLD RCA interface.
3,Best for your desk headphone amplifier or home power amplifier.make the sound more warm.
else.becaue is tube preamp.usually the amplifier need warm time about 5-10 minutes,after can work in perfact status.

Sale Price:$49.00

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