Little bear P2-1 BLACK color HiFi valve tube headphone amplifier amp preamp

Quick guide: First: I must tell you that. how is this headphone amplifier design. Actually it’s tube buffer + amplifier work model.both function is alone, the music input to 6J1 tube buffer preamp and output to daul NE5532(TI)(each chip for each channel) amplifier part, after music output to your headphone. else ,In back of the P2-1. you will find a OUT interface. that the 6J1 buffer preamp pure can use it as a buffer preamp for your other power amplifier, that’s interface music isn’t through the headphone amplifier it’s very helpful for install it in your home audio system too. get more warm sound. Secondly: this P2-1 powered by 12VAC, and this list included a transformer already. with both voltage for choice. 110V

Sale Price:$55.95

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