LH Labs LH-GP-GPX-001 DAC & Headphone Amplifier, Black

Geek Pulse is the world’s most powerful 32/384 kHz and DSD128 desktop DAC and 3000 mW headphone amplifier. When it comes to the Geek Pulse family, The Pulse DAC X is the middle sibling, but don’t overlook it, there’s a very high performance DAC in this unassuming chassis. Like the other Pulse units, the DAC X features Five digital inputs, a high performance headphone amplifier. Unlike its little brother the Pulse DAC, the DAC X is a fully balanced, dual mono design that uses TWO ESS9018AK2M DAC chipsets (one for the Left Channel, one for the Right) This balanced circuitry extends to the XLR line-level outputs, and the fully balanced Headphone amplifier, which is optimized for high performance models As with all Pulse DAC models, add the

Sale Price:$904.69

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