Klipsch R115SW and WA2 Kit Subwoofer and Wireless Kit

You get this great product….
Klipsch – R-115SW Subwoofer
Plus, you get:
Klipsch – WA2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit
If speakers are the voice of an audio system, then the subwoofer is the heart. Klipsch subwoofers craft bass more powerfully or efficiently than their competition within similar pricing. From the 15″ Spun Copper Front Firing Cermetallic Woofer cones, the brushed polymer veneer MDF cabinets and the 400 watt all digital amplifier are engineered to provide pulse-pounding low frequency response. Enjoy your music passionately played with the added depth and low frequency accurate response. Live the intense moments in your movies, and feel every explosion resounding right in your chest. Adding the WA-2 wireless adapter kit frees you to

Sale Price:$899.00

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