Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless Computer Speakers

Room to RoamIf you use your laptop or notebook to listen to music, watch movies or play games, but want to get away from your desk and still enjoy true-to-life sound, the ProMedia 2.1 Wireless computer speakers are for you.

The ProMedia wirelessly “talks” to your computer via a USB wireless transmitter. All you have to do is plug the transmitter into your computer’s USB port and you’re ready to move around your room and still experience the big, powerful sound that’s made Klipsch an industry leader. It’s that simple — no router or installation software is required.

The transmitter can stream audio wirelessly from your computer to the ProMedia up to 30 feet away. Plus, its robust 2.4 GHz wireless technology won’t interfere with other

Sale Price:$199.00

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